All items have a code,please quote this when placing an order.

At the moment items can be puchased by Postal Order and Paypal only,please contact me for paypal details and postal address.

Please note: I can post items to UK customers only.

Item codes are - K=Keyring  F=Fridge Magnet  JF=Jumbo Fridge Magnet  C=Coaster  M=Mousemat
                             T=Turquoise  G=Green  DB=Dark Blue  P=Pink  R=Red  B=Brown  BU=Burgundy  CD=Card

Keyrings £1.00                                                               Coasters £2.00                              Cards £1.00 (Blank inside)

FridgeMagnets £1.50                                                    Mousemat £4.50                            Mini Rosette 75p

Jumbo Fridge Magnets £2.00                                      Tassels £4.00
                                            Standard Rosette £1.00

Fancy Rosette £1.25


Fridge Magnets

Coasters & Mousemats 



Mini Rosettes 

Standard Rosette 

Fancy Rosette 





























































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